Since 2010 Sunny Dates brand of fresh, premium and high-quality Dates have been cultivated in the largest and most exclusive regions allotted for date palm cultivation, these being Madinah Munawwarah and A1 Qasim (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). We pride ourselves on quality and service, by using the latest technology and hygiene standards throughout the entire production processes, from the beginning stage of farming and harvesting, packing, right through to final product on shelf. This means that our customers can enjoy and benefit from our rich assortment of quality Organic and Non-Organic Dates.

Our Medjoul Dates are carefully selected from the finest farms in Palestine and Jordan, to ensure they are soft, succulent and sweet.

A 100% natural source of sugar with a rich nutritional value, dates are extremely good for the health with their high vitamin, mineral and fibre content. Offering a healthy and delicious snack alternative that can be enjoyed throughout the year, Sunny Dates are an indispensable choice for health-conscious consumers who care about healthy living and maintaining a healthy diet.

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